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 Today's Weapon 6/28/09, The Steyr AUG

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Today's Weapon 6/28/09, The Steyr AUG Empty
PostSubject: Today's Weapon 6/28/09, The Steyr AUG   Today's Weapon 6/28/09, The Steyr AUG EmptySun Jun 28, 2009 8:30 am

In my limited experience with this rifle, i can only do so much about rating it but here goes

Left Click : Fire
Right Click : Assault Scope

Normal Fire : Powerful, Fast, But very quickly scatters, not really in a predictable way as far as i see.
Scoped Fire : Powerful, Slower, Also start scattering very fast making it VERY hard to hit with anything but one shot taps.

This seems to me to be one of the stronger rifles, killing with 3(sometimes 4) body shots as oppose to 4-6 like most rifles.
Slow reload time made this gun a major turn off for me, but if you are conservative with ammo by tapping in scope mode (mainly going for headshots) this may not be as big of an issue. The scattering I found very helpful when getting rushed, or in ghost mode, but when accuracy counts, use the scope and/or tap.

In my opinion, i give the gun a 3.7/5.
POWER 4.5/5 'Very Happy'
AUTO 5/5 'Very Happy'
ACCURACY 4.5/5 'Very Happy'
AUTO ACCURACY 3/5 Rolling Eyes
RELOAD 1.5/5 affraid

Like i said, the reload time was the biggest turn off for me,
Similar guns
SG552 - worse auto accuracy - Better Reload time
G36K - Less Damage, Little worse at longer range - WAY better reload time
XM8 - Better all around

Feel free to post a reply, saying how you do, or don't like this gun, and stay tuned for additional reviews!
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Today's Weapon 6/28/09, The Steyr AUG
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