Smokin Aces is a Fps Clan In the game Called CrossFire
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 Read Before Posting!

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PostSubject: Read Before Posting!   Sun May 24, 2009 10:59 pm

Spamming in this forum will definitely not be tolerated.

If you post in a thread which does not in any way even remotely contribute to the thread/problem of others you will not only receive a warning - but I'll also remove your ability to view and/or post in this part of the forum.

This means that if you under any circumstances post in a thread for any other reason than actually being of assistance to the OP or members of the staff, you are in trouble.

This place is specifically for issues with the board and/or questions for the administration, if you are simply bored and are browsing through this part of the forum and think you have a hilarious response to someone elses problem - you will either think twice about posting it or risk losing the ability/privilege to post here.

Let me say this right from the start, as some of you will be stupid enough to test our patience, when you DO lose your ability to post in this here forum, should you be stupid enough to bother us with PM's telling us how unfair it is and so on, you will be warned again.

Tough shit.

This INCLUDES whenever someone throws a hissyfit at the administration. Just because someone decided it would be a good idea to orchestrate a shitfest of a thread that does not mean you get to automatically jump aboard and shit along. In doing so, you will have earned yourself a shiny new warning and restricted access to this forum.

Post in this forum without eligible reason and you're screwed. Whine about it, you're screwed again.

Good day.
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PostSubject: spam   Mon May 25, 2009 1:32 pm


oh is that spam?
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Read Before Posting!
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